Model Paper Chemistry

Model Paper 9th Grade Chemistry (Based on Sargodha Board )(Note ) Attempt all questions.Marks are shown in brackets next to each question.Section A (Multiple Choice) (8 marks) The basic unit of a substance is called:(a) atom(b) molecule(c) compound(d) element ([1])The process of changing a liquid into a gas is called:(a) evaporation(b) condensation(c) sublimation(d) filtration ([1])An … Read more

General Knowledge Solved MCQs

1. What is the largest continent by land area? (a) Africa (b) Asia (c) North America (d) South AmericaAnswer : (b) Asia 2. Which is the world’s most populous country? (a) India (b) China (c) United States (d) Indonesia Answer : (b) China 3. What is the tallest mountain in the world? (a) Mount Everest … Read more

General Knowledge

1: What is the Tallest mountain in the world?A: Mount Everest B: K2C: KangchenjugaD: Lhotse Answer : A) Mount Everest 2: Which planet is known as the Red Planet?A: MarsB: VenusC: EarthD: JupiterAnswer : A) Mars 3: Who wrote the famous play “Hamlet” ?A: Waliiam ShakespareB:Jane AustenC: Charles DickensD: J.K Rowling Answer : A) William … Read more

Result 9 | Result 9 Class 2024

Result 9

The Result of 9 class exam is highly significant. These results not only reflect the individual endeavors. In this page we complete guide that how to check result 9 class result 2024. The Matric part 1 result 2024. Board of Intermediate and secondary Education ,9th Results. How to check Result official website First of all, … Read more

Islamic Studies Solved MCQs

Here a set of 10 Islamic Studies MCqs with Answer 1: The first pillar of Islam is :A: SalatB: ShahadahC: ZakatD:SowmAnswer B:Shahadah 2: The City where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) received the first revelation is?A: MakkahB: MadinahC: JerusalemD:DamascusAnswer B:Madinah 3: The five daily prayers are called : A: FardB: SalahC: DuasD:ZikarAnswer B:Salah 4: The ninth month … Read more

Solved MCQs

1: The Govt of Pakistan is currently focusing on developing its A: Nuclear programB: Agricultural sectorC: Space exploration ProgramD: Tourism Industry Answer: B: Agricultural sector 2: Pakistan recently signed a trade agreement with a major economic power ,which country is it most likely to be ? A: The Unites StatesB: ChinaC: RussiaD: Pakistan Answer: B: … Read more

Solved MCQs General Knowledge

1- Is the capital city of Australia ?A:MochkingbirB:CanberraC:NitrogenD:None of these Answer : B-Canberra2- Is the capital city of Australia ?A:MochkingbirB:CanberraC:NitrogenD:None of these Answer : B-Canberra 3- Which Planet is known as the red Planet ?A:MarsB:VenusC:SaturnD:Jupiter Answer : A:Mars 4- Who painted the famous art work “The Starry Night” ?A: Leonardo da VinciB: Pablo PicassoC:Vincent van … Read more

Computer Science Solved MCQs

1- Is called Father of Computer ?A-DonglyB-Jan KoumC- Brain ActonD- Charles Babbage Answer :- D: Charles Babbage 2- The First high -level programming language was ..?A-JAVAB-PASCALC-FORTRAN D- None of these Answer: C: FORTRAN 3- The Wordl Wide Web was invented by A-Charless BabbageB-Jan KoumC-Brain ActonD- Tim Berners-Lee Answer: D- Tim Berners-Lee 4: The First Computer … Read more