Model Paper 9th Grade Biology Model Paper

Model Paper 9th Grade Biology Model Paper
Note :
Attempt all questions.
Marks are shown in brackets next to each question.
Section A (Multiple Choice) (8 marks)

The basic unit of life is called:
(a) cell
(b) tissue
(c) organ
(d) system ([1])
The process by which green plants make their own food is called:
(a) respiration
(b) photosynthesis
(c) digestion
(d) excretion ([1])
The backbone in animals is made up of:
(a) muscles
(b) bones
(c) cartilage
(d) all of the above ([1])
The transfer of genetic information from parents to offspring is called:
(a) inheritance
(b) variation
(c) adaptation
(d) evolution ([1])
Which of the following is NOT a kingdom of life?
(a) Plantae
(b) Animalia
(c) Fungi
(d) Protista ([1])
The process of breaking down food into simpler molecules is called:
(a) digestion
(b) absorption
(c) assimilation
(d) excretion ([1])
The tiny pores on the leaf surface for gas exchange are called:
(a) stomata
(b) xylem
(c) phloem
(d) roots ([1])
The waste products removed from the body are eliminated through:
(a) excretion
(b) respiration
(c) circulation
(d) digestion ([1])
Section B (Short Answer) (12 marks)

Define the term cell and explain the two main types of cells. ([2])
Differentiate between autotrophs and heterotrophs. Give one example of each. ([2])
What are the different parts of a plant and their functions? Briefly explain three parts. ([2])
Describe the process of respiration in living organisms. ([2])
Explain the importance of the following in the human body:
a) Heart ([1])
b) Lungs ([1])
What are some ways in which organisms adapt to their environment? Give two examples. ([2])
Section C (Long Answer) (10 marks)

Write a short note on the process of photosynthesis. Explain the role of sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide in this process. ([5])
Describe the five kingdoms of life and give one example of an organism from each kingdom. ([5])

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