General Knowledge

Large desert in the world.
(a) Kalahari Desert
(b) Sahara Desert
(c) Gobi Desert
(d) Arabian Desert

Answer: (b) Sahara Desert
A large, bowl-shaped landform at the head of a river valley is called a:
(a) Canyon
(b) Delta
(c) Basin
(d) Fjord

Answer: (c) Basin
The process by which rivers carry and deposit loose sediments is called:
(a) Weathering
(b) Erosion
(c) Deposition
(d) Leaching

Answer: (c) Deposition

Which of the following is NOT a major ocean on Earth?
(a) Atlantic Ocean
(b) Pacific Ocean
(c) Arctic Ocean
(d) Indian Ocean
(e) Mediterranean Sea

Answer: (e) Mediterranean Sea

The Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is based on the longitude of which place?
(a) New York City
(b) London
(c) Tokyo
(d) Rio de Janeiro
(e) Sydney

Answer: (b) London

A permanent layer of frozen ground below the Earth’s surface is called:
(a) Tundra
(b) Permafrost
(c) Glacier
(d) Ice sheet
(e) Taiga

Answer: (b) Permafrost

Which of the following countries is landlocked? (Completely surrounded by land)
(a) Australia
(b) Canada
(c) Brazil
(d) Indonesia
(e) France

Answer: (b) Canada

The largest lake by volume of freshwater on Earth is:
(a) Lake Superior
(b) Lake Baikal
(c) Caspian Sea (Technically a lake due to high salinity)
(d) Lake Victoria
(e) Aral Sea

Answer: (b) Lake Baikal

A major source of air pollution in urban areas is:
(a) Deforestation
(b) Volcanic eruptions
(c) Industrial emissions
(d) Ocean currents
(e) Soil erosion

Answer: (c) Industrial emissions

The study of maps and mapmaking is called:
(a) Cartography
(b) Geography
(c) Geology
(d) Climatology
(e) Oceanography

Answer: (a) Cartography

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