Current Affairs Pakistan (MCQs)

Current Affairs Pakistan (MCQs)In which year did Pakistan appoint its first female Foreign Secretary?a) 2022b) 2023c) 2024d) 2021Answer :b) 2023What is the name of the ongoing development project that aims to improve water management in Pakistan?a) China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)b) Diamer-Bhasha Dam Projectc) Thar Coal Projectd) Peshawar BRTAnswer : b) Diamer-Bhasha Dam ProjectWhich country recently … Read more

Solved MCQs

1: The Govt of Pakistan is currently focusing on developing its A: Nuclear programB: Agricultural sectorC: Space exploration ProgramD: Tourism Industry Answer: B: Agricultural sector 2: Pakistan recently signed a trade agreement with a major economic power ,which country is it most likely to be ? A: The Unites StatesB: ChinaC: RussiaD: Pakistan Answer: B: … Read more