General Knowledge

Large desert in the world.(a) Kalahari Desert(b) Sahara Desert(c) Gobi Desert(d) Arabian Desert Answer: (b) Sahara DesertA large, bowl-shaped landform at the head of a river valley is called a:(a) Canyon(b) Delta(c) Basin(d) Fjord Answer: (c) BasinThe process by which rivers carry and deposit loose sediments is called:(a) Weathering(b) Erosion(c) Deposition(d) Leaching Answer: (c) Deposition … Read more

General Knowledge

What is the capital of Pakistan? a) Karachi b) Islamabad  c) Lahore d) Peshawar Answer : b) Islamabad  What is the national language of Pakistan? a) Urdu  b) Punjabi c) English d) Pashto Answer : b) Urdu K2, the world’s second-highest mountain, is located in which mountain range in Pakistan? a) Himalayas  b) Karakoram c) … Read more

General Knowledge Solved MCQs

1. What is the largest continent by land area? (a) Africa (b) Asia (c) North America (d) South AmericaAnswer : (b) Asia 2. Which is the world’s most populous country? (a) India (b) China (c) United States (d) Indonesia Answer : (b) China 3. What is the tallest mountain in the world? (a) Mount Everest … Read more

General Knowledge

1: What is the Tallest mountain in the world?A: Mount Everest B: K2C: KangchenjugaD: Lhotse Answer : A) Mount Everest 2: Which planet is known as the Red Planet?A: MarsB: VenusC: EarthD: JupiterAnswer : A) Mars 3: Who wrote the famous play “Hamlet” ?A: Waliiam ShakespareB:Jane AustenC: Charles DickensD: J.K Rowling Answer : A) William … Read more

Solved MCQs General Knowledge

1- Is the capital city of Australia ?A:MochkingbirB:CanberraC:NitrogenD:None of these Answer : B-Canberra2- Is the capital city of Australia ?A:MochkingbirB:CanberraC:NitrogenD:None of these Answer : B-Canberra 3- Which Planet is known as the red Planet ?A:MarsB:VenusC:SaturnD:Jupiter Answer : A:Mars 4- Who painted the famous art work “The Starry Night” ?A: Leonardo da VinciB: Pablo PicassoC:Vincent van … Read more