Current Affairs Pakistan (MCQs)

Current Affairs Pakistan (MCQs)
In which year did Pakistan appoint its first female Foreign Secretary?
a) 2022
b) 2023
c) 2024
d) 2021
Answer :b) 2023
What is the name of the ongoing development project that aims to improve water management in Pakistan?
a) China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)
b) Diamer-Bhasha Dam Project
c) Thar Coal Project
d) Peshawar BRT
Answer : b) Diamer-Bhasha Dam Project
Which country recently offered Pakistan a significant financial assistance package?
a) United States
b) China
c) Russia
d) United Kingdom
Answer : b) China

What international sporting event is Pakistan co-hosting in 2023 (or 2024 depending on the date of your exam)?
a) Cricket World Cup
b) Asian Games
c) Rugby World Cup
d) Olympic Games
Answer : b) Asian Games

What is a major environmental concern currently facing Pakistan?
a) Deforestation
b) Air Pollution
c) Soil Erosion
d) Water Scarcity
Answer : b) Air Pollution

What is the capital of the newly merged Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province?
a) Peshawar
b) Quetta
c) Islamabad
d) Lahore
Answer : a) Peshawar

The Karakoram Highway connects Pakistan with which neighboring country?
a) Afghanistan
b) Iran
c) India
d) China
Answer : d) China

Malam Jabba is a popular tourist destination known for its:
a) Historical Sites
b) Sandy Beaches
c) Desert Landscapes
d) Dense Forests
Answer :b) Sandy Beaches

The Mangla Dam is located on which river in Pakistan?
a) Indus River
b) Jhelum River
c) Chenab River
d) Ravi River
Answer : a) Indus River

The national language of Pakistan is:
a) Urdu
b) Punjabi
c) Pashto
d) Sindhi
Answer : a) Urdu
The literacy rate in Pakistan has been steadily:
a) Decreasing
b) Increasing
c) Stagnating
d) Fluctuating
Answer : b) Increasing

The national flag of Pakistan features a crescent moon and star. What color are they?
a) Red
b) White
c) Green
d) Blue
Answer : b) White

Pakistan is a major producer of which agricultural product?
a) Wheat
b) Coffee
c) Rubber
d) Dates
Answer : a) Wheat

The historical city of Mohenjo-daro belongs to which Indus Valley civilization era?
a) Bronze Age
b) Iron Age
c) Neolithic Age
d) Medieval Age
Answer :a) Bronze Age

The highest mountain peak entirely within Pakistan is:
a) K2
b) Mount Everest
c) Kangchenjunga
d) Lhotse
Answer : a) K2

Pakistan’s participation in international peacekeeping missions reflects its commitment to:
a) Economic Development
b) Global Security
c) Technological Advancement
d) Cultural Exchange
Answer : b) Global Security

The national animal of Pakistan is the:
a) Bengal Tiger
b) Markhor
c) Indian Rhinoceros
d) One-horned Rhino
Answer :b) Markhor

A major challenge for Pakistan’s economy is:
a) High literacy rate
b) Inflation
c) Low unemployment
d) Surplus energy production
Answer :b) Inflation

Pakistan is a developing country working towards achieving the goals outlined in the:
a) Kyoto Protocol
b) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
c) Paris Agreement
d) Montreal Protocol
Answer :b) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

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