solved multiple-choice analogy questions

solved multiple-choice analogy questions for you:

Ocean is to water as forest is to:
a) Animals
b) Trees
c) Leaves
d) Soil
Correct answer: b) Trees

Pen is to writer as brush is to:
a) Painter
b) Sculptor
c) Musician
d) Architect
Correct answer: a) Painter

Marathon is to race as novel is to:
a) Story
b) Writer
c) Library
d) Reader
Correct answer: a) Story

Cat is to meow as dog is to:
a) Woof
b) Bark
c) Hiss
d) Purr
Correct answer: b) Bark

Knife is to cut as hammer is to:
a) Break
b) Nails
c) Pound
d) Saw
Correct answer: c) Pound

Doctor is to hospital as teacher is to:
a) Classroom
b) Library
c) Laboratory
d) School
Correct answer: d) School

Moon is to night as sun is to:
a) Dawn
b) Dusk
c) Morning
d) Evening
Correct answer: c) Morning

Seed is to plant as egg is to:
a) Chicken
b) Bird
c) Nest
d) Hatch
Correct answer: d) Hatch

Glass is to transparent as wall is to:
a) Thick
b) Solid
c) Brick
d) Opaque
Correct answer: d) Opaque

Doctor is to patient as lawyer is to:
a) Trial
b) Defendant
c) Client
d) Judge
Correct answer: c) Client

Pen is to ink as pencil is to:
a) Lead
b) Paper
c) Eraser
d) Sketch
Correct answer: a) Lead

Bee is to honey as cow is to:
a) Grass
b) Milk
c) Farm
d) Moo
Correct answer: b) Milk

Train is to tracks as car is to:
a) Road
b) Traffic
c) Gasoline
d) Steering wheel
Correct answer: a) Road

Flower is to fragrance as music is to:
a) Rhythm
b) Melody
c) Notes
d) Sound
Correct answer: b) Melody

Fish is to swim as bird is to:
a) Soar
b) Nest
c) Fly
d) Chirp
Correct answer: c) Fly

What is the capital city of France?
a) Paris
b) Rome
c) London
d) Madrid

Who painted the Mona Lisa?
a) Pablo Picasso
b) Vincent van Gogh
c) Leonardo da Vinci
d) Michelangelo

What is the chemical symbol for gold?
a) Go
b) Gd
c) Au
d) Ag

Which planet is known as the "Red Planet”?
a) Venus
b) Mars
c) Jupiter
d) Saturn

Who is the author of the Harry Potter book series?
a) J.R.R. Tolkien
b) J.K. Rowling
c) C.S. Lewis
d) Stephenie Meyer

What is the largest ocean on Earth?
a) Indian Ocean
b) Atlantic Ocean
c) Pacific Ocean
d) Arctic Ocean

Which country is known as the "Land of the Rising Sun”?
a) China
b) Japan
c) India
d) Thailand

What is the chemical formula for water?
a) H2O
b) CO2
c) NaCl
d) O2

Who painted the famous artwork "The Starry Night”?
a) Salvador Dalí
b) Claude Monet
c) Vincent van Gogh
d) Pablo Picasso

What is the capital city of Australia?
a) Sydney
b) Melbourne
c) Canberra
d) Perth