Communication Skills MCQs

Which of the following is an example of nonverbal communication?
A. Speaking
B. Writing
C. Gesturing
D. Listening

Effective communication skills include:
A. Clarity
B. Interrupting
C. Lack of empathy
D. Monopolizing conversations

In the context of communication, active listening refers to:
A. Ignoring the speaker
B. Asking multiple questions
C. Providing feedback
D. Interrupting frequently

Which communication skill involves understanding and sharing the feelings of another person?
A. Empathy
B. Criticism
C. Disregard
D. Indifference

What is the primary purpose of feedback in communication?
A. To discourage the speaker
B. To interrupt the conversation
C. To provide input for improvement
D. To monopolize the discussion

Which of the following is an example of assertive communication?
A. Aggressively dominating a conversation
B. Passive acceptance of others’ opinions
C. Expressing opinions respectfully
D. Avoiding communication altogether

The ability to understand and adapt to different cultural communication styles is called:
A. Ethnocentrism
B. Cultural bias
C. Intercultural competence
D. Stereotyping

Which of the following is an example of nonverbal communication?
A. Sending a text message
B. Nodding in agreement
C. Speaking on the phone
D. Writing an email

Effective communication is essential in:
A. Personal relationships
B. Isolation
C. Avoiding conflicts
D. Misunderstandings

Which of the following is a characteristic of active listening?
A. Interrupting frequently
B. Focusing on one’s own response
C. Paying attention to nonverbal cues
D. Providing unsolicited advice

Correct Answers: