Certainly, here are ten multiple-choice questions (MCQs) about LinkedIn:

Question 1:
LinkedIn is primarily used for:
a) Online shopping
b) Professional networking
c) Gaming
d) Photo sharing

Question 2:
Who is the co-founder of LinkedIn?
a) Mark Zuckerberg
b) Jeff Bezos
c) Reid Hoffman
d) Jack Dorsey

Question 3:
Which year was LinkedIn founded?
a) 2000
b) 2003
c) 2007
d) 2009

Question 4:
What is the maximum length for a LinkedIn headline?
a) 50 characters
b) 100 characters
c) 200 characters
d) 300 characters

Question 5:
Which section of a LinkedIn profile is used to list a person’s professional experiences and accomplishments?
a) Connections
b) Activities
c) Posts
d) Experience

Question 6:
What feature on LinkedIn allows users to endorse their connections for specific skills?
a) Recommendations
b) Endorsements
c) Testimonials
d) Tags

Question 7:
LinkedIn Premium is a subscription service that offers:
a) Unlimited photo storage
b) Advanced professional networking features
c) Access to online games
d) Free advertising credits

Question 8:
In addition to English, in how many other languages is LinkedIn available as of my last update in September 2021?
a) 5
b) 10
c) 25
d) 50

Question 9:
Which company acquired LinkedIn in 2016?
a) Microsoft
b) Google
c) Apple
d) Facebook

Question 10:
What is the name of LinkedIn’s news feed feature that provides users with professional articles and updates?
a) WorkStream
b) Professional Pulse
c) LinkedIn News
d) LinkedIn Feed


  1. b) Professional networking
  2. c) Reid Hoffman
  3. c) 2007
  4. c) 200 characters
  5. d) Experience
  6. b) Endorsements
  7. b) Advanced professional networking features
  8. b) 10
  9. a) Microsoft
  10. b) Professional Pulse