Absolutely, here are ten solved multiple-choice questions (MCQs) about Twitter:

  1. Question: What is the maximum character limit for a single tweet on Twitter?
  • A) 140 characters
  • B) 280 characters
  • C) 160 characters
  • D) 200 characters
  • Answer: B) 280 characters
  1. Question: What is the term for using the "@” symbol followed by a username to mention someone in a tweet?
  • A) Tagging
  • B) Mentioning
  • C) Hashtagging
  • D) Messaging
  • Answer: B) Mentioning
  1. Question: What feature allows users to create a collection of tweets centered around a specific topic or event?
  • A) Threads
  • B) Moments
  • C) Trends
  • D) Snapshots
  • Answer: B) Moments
  1. Question: What is the name of the metric used to represent the total number of Twitter users who follow a particular account?
  • A) Tweets
  • B) Subscribers
  • C) Followers
  • D) Engagers
  • Answer: C) Followers
  1. Question: What is the main purpose of a Twitter hashtag (#) in a tweet?
  • A) To make the text bold
  • B) To indicate a trending topic
  • C) To send a private message
  • D) To hyperlink to a website
  • Answer: B) To indicate a trending topic
  1. Question: Which feature allows users to organize related tweets in a sequential manner, creating a threaded conversation?
  • A) Trends
  • B) Moments
  • C) Threads
  • D) Feeds
  • Answer: C) Threads
  1. Question: What is the Twitter feature that allows users to retweet someone else’s tweet to their own followers?
  • A) Reblast
  • B) Repost
  • C) Reshare
  • D) Retweet
  • Answer: D) Retweet
  1. Question: What is the term for the total number of times a tweet has been seen by users, even if not clicked?
  • A) Impressions
  • B) Engagements
  • C) Clicks
  • D) Views
  • Answer: A) Impressions
  1. Question: Which Twitter feature allows users to create a poll with multiple-choice questions?
  • A) Surveys
  • B) Polls
  • C) Feedback
  • D) Quizzes
  • Answer: B) Polls
  1. Question: What is the function of the "Follow” button on Twitter?
    • A) Send a direct message
    • B) View someone’s tweets
    • C) Reply to a tweet
    • D) Block a user
    • Answer: B) View someone’s tweets

Please note that the details provided in these questions are accurate as of my last knowledge update in September 2021. Twitter may have introduced new features or changes since then.